From Beyond The Olilve:

Habanero Chilies are added during the milling of our olives so you are getting a true “Chili oil”. On another day at the mill, we co-press lemons with our olives to create our Eureka! Lemon Olive Oil.

Combining the two creates a perfect balance - a little heat and a little citrus tang!

Infused and Co-Pressed Olive Oil

You don't like artificial flavor and either do we.  California has the best olives, fruits and herbs - and here we combine them for your culinary delight.

These "flavored" extra virgin olive oils use the real thing - herbs and fruit.

Co-Pressed: we crush the herbs and fruit with the olives at the mill.

Infused: we soak the herbs in the oil to allow the flavor to penetrate.

Smoked: it's smoked with real woods.